If you are coming with your own camp, apart from basic camp equipment, we recommend you to have:

  • ● Waterproof sport shoes or boots
  • ● T-shirt
  • ● Sweater and sweatpants
  • ● Polar, raincoat.
  • ● Hat for sun and rain.
  • ● Socks.
  • ● Personal hygiene items like toothbrush, towel etc.
  • ● Pillow (to use in your sleeping bag if you need).
  • ● Sleeping bag.
  • ● Mat
  • ● Torch

For those sleeping in MounTRain tents; tent, campet and sleeping is provided.

If you are comfortable staying in a tent, so will your children. Preparing kids for camping, taking some of their favourite toys with you, including them into camp life by giving them certain chores will also help. Sitting by the campfire talking and bonding at night after a day spent with outdoor activities in nature means stronger family bonds. Self-confidence, independence, increased curiosity and agility are the surplus of a tent camp you will observe in your children.

If it is your first time, you can try the safe, comfortable MounTRain tents; specially designed with wooden floors, heating and high ceiling, these camps are ideal for an initial experience. Once you have this experience, you can then decide to purchase your own tent and camping equipment.

Yes, Wi-Fi is available at Mountrain Outdoor Club.