Corporate outdoor training: It consists of company-specific in-house culture, motivation, teamwork, coordination, situational leadership, planning, time management, resource use and outdoor programs that improve team spirit.

These programs contribute to the work of HR-human resources, marketing, etc. departments of companies, and outdoor activities are planned and implemented in accordance with the principle of learning by living for corporate purposes. While corporate trainings help companies achieve their goals, they also offer a different nature holiday opportunity that participants will enjoy being in.

Summer adventure camps for schools; It includes entertaining but also instructive summer adventure camp programs for students of different age groups. The programs prepared based on the principle of learning by experiencing in nature are carried out by experienced instructors under the request, approval, and supervision of the school authorities.

It is aimed to develop learning and teamwork skills with outdoor activities in the camps held for middle school and high school students during the summer vacation. It offers university students the opportunity to experience an outdoor adventure camp where they will develop their collective working skills as well as a fun nature holiday.

Off-road activities: It includes test rides with 4x4 vehicles and mountain bikes on specially prepared forest tracks and venue organizations for trainings to be given by institutions for these rides.

The tracks, which are prepared according to different difficulty levels, suitable for testing all the features of off-road vehicles, are located in settlement with indoor meeting, dining and accommodation areas where you can spend time with your guests.

“MounTRain Outdoor Club” boot camp activity; It consists of equipment produced with natural materials and sports movements inspired by military trainings carried out on tracks specially created for the geographical conditions in which the facility is located.

In order to participate in "boot camp" trainings specially prepared for groups under the supervision of a private instructor, a healthy physical structure as well as self-confidence, perseverance and being open to pushing the limits are required. The meals and treats offered during the camp period consist of menus prepared by our cooks in accordance with special demands in a way to provide the energy needed at the intense pace required by the program.

Personal development camps: Camp programs are specially designed for physical and mental development groups. It includes trainings and classes on different topics such as yoga, meditation, etc. carried out under the leadership of competent instructors in the middle of nature, far from the city.

These personal development programs, which aim to get away from the burdens of modern life for a short time and to increase the life energy within us, provide many more benefits than their counterparts organized in the city. The healing power of nature; is the most important factor to have a healthier body and mind, to discover our natural abilities, and to increase our inner peace. Meals and treats offered during the camp period consist of menus prepared by our cooks in accordance with special demands.  

Launch and special events; corporate launches and product promotions, dealer meetings, outdoor competitions, etc. includes special events. “MounTRain Outdoor Club” offers you the opportunity to accommodate your guests in special heated tents in a unique environment in nature, by taking advantage of different activity tracks, open-closed dining, and meeting areas.

For companies, the importance of our venue is not only that it prepares the ground for the realization of the event, but also that it enables a large organization with a taste of nature holiday in the forest in accordance with the spirit of the business. Organized for individual groups, fathers and sons, birthdays, etc. Apart from special day themed events, outdoor competitions specially prepared for brands are held.