Our settlement located in Bolu Aladağlar, among mountains, lakes, and scotch pine forests; It is in the center of nature, far from the city, different from the customized holiday and entertainment concept. "Mountrain Outdoor Club” homes to groups or daily visitors and offers variety of outdoor programs from each other.

The facility, designed in harmony with nature on 300 decares of land in the forest, can accommodate 150 people in heated private tents and 200 people can be given outdoor sports training at the same time. Located in nature, having well equip conference room, indoor-outdoor dining and entertainment areas, rising in the world with a specially designed activity trails "sports and entertainment in nature " Mountrain  is the corporate address and the leading brand of its trend  in Turkey.


There are many specially designed activities tracks with different difficulty levels on the ground and 5-14 meters above the ground. There is no need to leave the facility and go to a different place in order to take advantage of the tracks designed within walking distance, intertwined with accommodation and social areas. Between the activities, it is possible to hold an indoor evaluation meeting or take a lunch break as soon as possible. In addition, canoeing, mountain biking, orienteering, trekking activities are carried out on routes prepared on natural tracks. The difference and benefit of all these activities performed in abundant oxygen and green nature is unique.


Accommodation is made in tents of different sizes, each with a capacity of 2-12 people. Tents: It has wooden floors, central heating, and a ceiling height of 2.40 meters, specially produced in accordance with the climatic conditions of the region. You sleep in sleeping bags on mattresses on footed camps in tents. Toilets and showers serve separately and in separate buildings for men and women in the general area outside the tents. Accommodation in these special tents where you will experience a very different experience than staying in a hotel room; It will take you away from the stress and monotonous order of city life, give you the opportunity to get to know your friends with whom you share the tent better and to reinforce friendships. 

"MounTRain Outdoor Club", which provides TP-full board accommodation and offers catering to 200 people in indoor and outdoor areas, has "morning-lunch-evening" food service. Our Bolu Mengen cooks work in our place where you can have delicious food in the middle of the forest at the quality of a restaurant in the city. It is possible to see the forest view of the campus from the windows on all four sides of our indoor dining area and to have long conversations in this cozy place in leisure time. Optional; It is possible to have tea-chats throughout the day. Optional; All-day tea and coffee, sausage-bread by the fire, etc. different alternative treats are possible.  


Our conference hall has been produced in a closed area of ​​120 m2, with wooden floors, air conditioning, ceiling height of 4.80 meters, in accordance with the climatic conditions of the region. It has a capacity of 60 people in table setting and 100 people in theater order. The "Mountrain Arena" offers 90 people outdoor seating.

The podium by the fire is used as a dance floor and in pre- and post-event presentations. Optional; There is live music, DJ performance service, as well as an ambulance service that will remain on hold during the event. On demand, it is possible to create a giant outdoor stage-decoration special for the purpose and concept of the event to be held. There are barcovision, curtain, lectern, podium, and generator equipment.


“MounTRain Outdoor Club”; Bolu-Aladağlar Road is located in Beşpınarlar Mevkii, which is at the 22nd km in the direction of Kıbrıscık- Seben. For reservation and contact, MounTRain-Istanbul sales office you should be contacted.

Transportation to Bolu Aladağlar

About 260 km from Istanbul

About 190 km from Ankara

About 25 km from Bolu


Bolu city center is reached by exiting the Anatolian Motorway Bolu West junction. Follow the " Kıbrıscık -Seben" signs in front of the Bolu governorship and proceed in the direction of Gazelle Hotel. At the Gölcük junction, the asphalt road continues by staying on the left. Following the "MounTRain" signs on the next part of the road, turn into the dirt road at Beşpınarlar Mevkii and after 2 km you will reach the "MounTRain Outdoor Club”.