Launch and special events; corporate launches and product promotions, dealer meetings, outdoor competitions, etc. are included in our special events. “MounTRain Outdoor Club” offers companies the opportunity to accommodate their guests in special heated tents in a unique environment in nature, by taking advantage of different activity tracks, open-closed dining, and meeting areas.

For companies, the importance of our venue is not only that it prepares the ground for the realization of the event, but also that it enables a large organization with a taste of nature holiday in the forest in accordance with the spirit of the business. Organized for individual groups, celebrations, birthdays, etc. Apart from special day themed events, outdoor competitions specially prepared for brands are held.




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Off-road activities are done with 4x4 vehicles in special racecourses. There is an off-road version for mountain bikes as well.

Mindfulness camps differ from a weekend camp to a full week camp as per the requirements of the groups. Mostly such camps include activities that nurture mind-body connection such as breath exercises, yoga activities, mindfulness practices, nature walks.

  • ● Waterproof sports shoes or boots
  • ● T-shirt
  • ● Sweatpants or tights
  • ● Polar, raincoat
  • ● Hat for sun and rain
  • ● Socks
  • ● Personal hygiene items like toothbrush, towel etc.
  • ● Pillow (to use in your sleeping bag if you need)

Boot camp is an outdoor program consisting of equipment produced with natural materials and exercise sets inspired by military training on tracks specially created for geographical conditions.

Boot camps are for professional athletes, athletes preparing for a competition or willing for a seasonal training camp. Those who regularly exercise, with perseverance, wishing to push their physical limits may also join boot camps.