There are 2 main caravan camp models: “Free camping” is the more independent version. This is where you camp totally in nature, without any infrastructure available. The second model is camping in a camp site. Camp sites, like MounTRain Caravan Camp offers a more comfortable and safe stay. In Europe, it is mostly forbidden to camp freely in places other than pre-determined camp sites.

Choosing a camp site is totally personal. If you like winter and snow, you will choose a spot related to your liking, if you like greens you will choose a place in forests and mountains while someone who loves the sea will prefer a seaside location.

Preparation and planning are the most important stages of a caravan camp. You should plan the conditions, the location, the season and the duration of the trip as well as the number of people and the possible routes. Maintenance of the caravan and the equipment, routine checks are part of this preparation. Once all is completed, the trip is to be made as per the plan.

Caravans provide you the basic needs. Your needs may surely change as per demands or special requirements but there are certain must-takes:

  • ● First aid set
  • ● Tool-box
  • ● Spare camping cylinder
  • ● Caravan electric cable and extension cord
  • ● Clean water hose
  • ● Grey water hose or tank
  • ● Caravan balance blocks
  • ● Portable table and chairs

Bolu, with its countless plateaus and natural beauties is one of the favourite addresses of caravan owners. In close proximity to Istanbul and Ankara, Bolu plateaus and forests have amazing offers for caravan campers.

Caravan vacations has become more popular after the pandemic. This is a mobile lifestyle that both isolates you from the crowds and enables you to truly breathe. Hence, there are many people who first want to experience this lifestyle and invest later. Number of caravan renters is increasing day by day and even a simple internet search will bring many caravan rental options to you.

Caravans provide you a comfortable life in all kinds of climate conditions, other than extremes. You can camp in winter and in summer with the caravans on the market today, most of which are produced in Europe.

Yes, Wi-Fi is available at Mountrain Outdoor Club.