Facilities provided in the caravan camp area are:

  • Electricity: The caravans that will benefit from electricity must have 20 meters an electrical cable.

  • Clean Water: Caravans that will benefit from clean water should have 10 meters of hose.

  • Grey Water: For the grey water discharge line, there should be 8 meters of the drain hose.

  • Dining options (Guests staying at the caravan camp can have 3 meals in our restaurants. Information on the usage of the camp restaurant at the time of reservation is required)

  • Cassette WC discharge station

  • Independent common dishwashing station

  • Shower and WC facilities within the premises

  • Store: Basic needs can be provided from the small store we have within our premises between tent and caravan camps. Requirements may also be ordered at the store to be provided from Bolu. Please beware some orders may not be fulfilled due to the location of the Club being in the mountains. 


  • Our facility provides service by reservation.

  • Entrance to the camping area is until 7 pm.

  • It is the hour of silence starting from 11 pm. Playing loud music and talking loudly should be avoided from the hour of silence.

  • For security reasons, it is forbidden to light a fire in the forest and outside the specified places.

  • Pedestal stove systems that do not touch the ground to start a fire are accepted.

  • Only caravans with cassette toilets are served in the caravan camping area.

  • After settling in the caravan area, vehicles are parked in the area shown.

  • The store, where basic needs will be met, is open between 8 and 9 am and 5 and 6  pm. You can use the store at other times by checking with staff. Purchases are done by cash.

  • Guests wishing to stay elsewhere than caravan camp can stay in our pre-installed tents or their own tents. Pre-booking is required for tent camping.