Camping in Bolu

Bolu, with its countless plateaus and natural beauties is one of the favourite addresses of nature lovers and campers. In close proximity to Istanbul and Ankara, Bolu plateaus and forests have amazing offers for hikers, tent and caravan campers as well as climbers. With a cool climate in summer, Bolu is a location of preference also for winter camps thanks to its high altitude.

MounTRain, located on Bolu-Aladağlar Road, on its 22nd kilometre in Beşpınar district, surrounded by pine forests, lakes and plateaus, is very close to the Gölcük Lake, a must see for photographers and enthusiasts as it is famous for its panoramic landscape. It is also home to racecourses suitable for trekking and mountain biking. 



Other locations to see in Bolu area are Sünnet Lake in Göynük, Kartalkaya Ski Resort, Abant Lake, Mudurnu with its stunning architecture and Yedigöller National Park.

Historic Bolu houses, bazaars, mosques are also to be seen. On top of all these natural and cultural beauties of the city, Bolu and its close vicinity are famous for geothermal waters resulting in a demand for health tourism.

Bolu, with all this natural beauty and geographical advantages, is the ideal place for tent and caravan campers be it in the mountains, by a lake or within forests...

Bolu Aladağlar

Bolu Aladağlar
Aladağ Plateaus are located 25-30 kilometres south of Bolu on the slopes, within pine forests. This is truly a very large area including Göksu Nature Park, Aladağ Lake and green highlands, home to many campers in Turkey. MounTRain is set in this area, located on Bolu-Aladağlar road. There are many suitable racecourses for trekking, mountain biking and such as well as camping in these plateaus. This is why, the city of Bolu is known to be a place to camp and is very popular amongst nature lovers and campers. 


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