Founded in 2000, "Mountrain" offers outdoor sports and adventure camp services to groups. With its expert team, it has served nearly 40,000 participants, mainly corporate companies, schools, summer camps, and hosted various outdoor organizations and adventure races.  

It offers a different alternative to the holiday concepts we are accustomed to, with different activities aimed at respecting nature, self-confidence, returning to the essence, exploring borders, and increasing the limits. Its rising in the world with the hardware and organizational structure "in nature, sports and entertainment" trend is the corporate address and the leading brand in Turkey. 



Expert Team

Experienced instructors in outdoor sports and outdoor activities.


Our guests' safety is our priority in outdoor activities.


Quality Service

Customer-oriented service in nature activities, accommodation and food and beverage.


Use of environmentally friendly and nature-friendly materials in all constructions within our settlement area.



Technical Crew

Experienced technical team that organizes the preparation of the activity track areas and the activities.


Logistics Team

Logistics team responsible for support services in all areas within the settlement.

Corporate Consultancy and Training

Consultancy service that determines the goals that organizations want to achieve in terms of human resources before the activity and reports the feedback analysis after the activity. We work in coordination with different consultancy and training companies of our solution partners for the special demands of our customers.